Monday, November 8, 2010



Thursday, November 4, 2010


how fantastische!

Monday, November 1, 2010

na'vi this.

despite over-priced bodysuits,
blue paint all over the house
feeling rather NIPPY in the cold
(see what i did there?)

... halloween was pretty great.

[almost won the costume contest!]

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

show me love

robyn makes me think of muchmega hits.
'show me love', anyone? she just wants to make me dance.
cannot wait for Halloween.

Monday, October 25, 2010

... 5 months later

never have wellies looked so.

i'm now fully in the market for a knee-length floral skirt.


movie: the edge of love


Monday, June 28, 2010


and got the best reception ever.
i heart me mates.

Monday, May 24, 2010


i've given up on trying to get a tan.
my albinism has always remained a good friend to me -

- it has helped me score infinite shades of red in the least opportune moments, enabled the sun to scorch any place that i've neglected to put sunscreen on (fyi sunburn-staches are NOT cute) and caused a dreadful g.7 track&field 2nd degree sunburn incident ( mom still made me go to school with two huge scabs beneath my eyes).

THEREFORE: ima be responsible this summer and embrace the irish roots.


PLUS: my 35-year old self will appreciate it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ridin dutty

i can't wait to get home to ma bicycle.
(this is an example of my poor sense of responsibility...
i left him outside all winter.)

but this is my new fave biking song:

eat it up.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my last week

some travelling in norway.

... and now home to study.

Friday, May 7, 2010


i don't even remember what i typed into the search
bar on google but this completely RAD website popped up.

it talk abouts fashion, culture, beauty, 'odds and ends' (such as proper etiquette
when receiving a blowjob), etc.

articles that are just amazing:

- how to get a pouf without looking like snooki (theres a video!)
- you'd be prettier if you had fake nipples (samantha jones anyone?)
- the best american apparel spoof ever (extra amazing)

also, hilarity:

10 reasons why lindsay lohan could never play kate moss in a movie -

•Kate Moss dated Johnny Depp. Lindsay Lohan dated Wilmer Valderrama.
•Kate Moss did blow and kept getting steady modeling work. Lindsay Lohan did blow, and … well, not so much.
•Kate Moss can wear anything. Lindsay Lohan seems to think that leggings are appropriate attire for any situation.
•Kate Moss has been on the cover of pretty much every fashion magazine ever. Lindsay Lohan is more likely to be spotted on the cover of In Touch after getting drunk and throwing things at a photographer.
•Kate Moss sometimes poses nude for photoshoots. Lindsay Lohan shows people her crotch for free without trying to pass it off as high art.
•Kate Moss has designed successful collections for Topshop and Longchamp. Lindsay Lohan got fired from her “job” at Ungaro.
•Kate Moss’ parents are two normal-seeming people named Peter and Linda. Lindsay Lohan’s parents are the worst people on earth. [Editor's note: this one is not really Lindsay's fault.]
•Kate Moss is friends with Sadie Frost. Lindsay Lohan is friends with her sister Ali.
•Kate Moss reportedly earns as much as $9 million a year. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in a fuckton of credit card debt.
•Kate Moss throws her assistants lavish baby showers. Lindsay Lohan chases her assistants down in her car.

... there are so many more!
check it out:


this season's first episode of the city
showed whitney's debut fashion show of her line, whitney eve.

although old news... i really liked the collection.
i would love to have almost every single piece in my closet-
but what struck me the most about the show was the makeup.

i ADORE the nymph-like softness and can't get enough of the lip colour!

(yes, i am aware that she is Black and i'm not...
but i still think it will look okay?)

i'm aware that pink lips has been in for a while, but
i prefer this colour to the icy pink one that we've been seeing
(especially considering my albinism).

it looks like she kissed a cherry blossom!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


neil young has cancelled bluesfest.
as has joan jett.

i just wanted to hear me some heart of gold.


[neil young unplugged]

Friday, April 23, 2010



"May be a false alarm re poor quality of line up. You will note they announced something like 230 acts the other day. That made no sense because I think Jazz is 300. Just learned that there are another 130 acts to be announced. This is some kind of weird marketing ploy.

Neil Young will be announced. Maybe too Stevie Wonder and Nora Jones. GAGAGA is on the maybe list. Have to be a few blues acts because I only found one in the original list.

Hope to have more info this afternoon."

YEEEE dad. git on it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


in my first post re: summer vacation [which i cannot wait for... as much as i am loving norge!]
i requested a killer bluesfest line-up on my wishlist.

unfortunately, the summer sprite only delivered halfway.
i was told that mgmt would be playing
...and they are not.

the rest of the lineup is pretty good:

- the arcade fire
(i saw them live in our HS cafeteria and it was unreal... and i'm so stoked to see them again!)
- andrew bird
- basia bulat
- blonde redhead
- drake (yeeee degrassi!)
- great lake swimmers
- joan jett (kind of amazing)
- passion pit (!!!)
- rural alberta advantage
- the b52s (love shack, anyone?!)
- the cat empire
- the flaming lips
- the hold steady
- the swell season (SO STOKED. have you guys seen once? this will be beautiful.)
- weezer
- woodhands

...okay so it might seem like alot, but based on all the bands touring this summer (again, MGMT, vampire weekend, mumford&sons, the national, deadmau5, bss, nada surf, miike snow, wale, minus the bear, the lonely forest, laura marling, pavement, tegan and sara, kid cudi, dirty projectors, they might be giants, girls, the tallest man on earth, tune-yards, yacht, dinosaur feathers, band of horses, she and him, the new pornographers, the temper trap... AND SO MANY MORE!)

come on ottawa, try to live up to the fact that you're the capital of the country.


add two more to my summer wishlist:

these amazeballs scalloped shorts from the queen's wardrobe:

and these jeffrey campbell 'crunchy lace-up' boots

someone please plant me a money tree?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


does anyone (ahem...jd'ang) know if they have these at the ottawa store?

my summer will be off to a good start!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

sister sister

this is my eldest sister, gillian:

she was just accepted into the PhD program at this school:

(University of Cambridge)

can you say hero?

(so proud!)

Friday, April 16, 2010


everywhere i go this summer...
i intend to go like this:


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


this is alex.

she is a second-year creative writing estudiante
at concordia.
check out her blog
with her ethereal poetry
and super dope musical choices.
she be one ma besties.

this is alexis.

she is a second-year communications and cultural studies
estudiante at mcgill.
check out HER blog
she is the go-to music girl
because of her insane taste and breadth of knowledge.
she also be one ma besties.




the only problem with being on exchange?

procrastinating so much that you start a 20-page paper four days before its due.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

stoke it

here are some new purchases that i'm particularly psyched out of my mind about
(ELF reference, anyone? no? just me? mmmkay).

i finally purchased a lomo. da itty sister of the diana +, known as the dianamini!

i'm stoked about the half-frame setting and the fact that it uses 35mm!

here she is... cute eh?

i also purchased this great little satchy at the second hand store in town
and no that 10 price tag doesnt mean 10 canadian dolla... it means 10NOK which
is equaly to less than 2 canadian dolla! EEE!!

beauty, eh?

well thats it for now.

Monday, April 5, 2010

summer wishlist

none of these things are groundbreaking whatsoever,
but it makes me happy thinking about summer(unhappy about how all my friends will be reunited in two weeks...and i won't be for two months!)
but... nevertheless, HAPPY.

just some items i can't wait for!

- a white oxford dress shirt (t-shirt version preferably)

- levis high-waisted cutoffs (i already have a couple pairs...but i'd like some light wash ones)

- VERY oversized lumpy cardigans for brisk music festival nights

- a brown leather briefcase with a long shoulder strap

- turning some of my man trousers into cuffed shortsss

- a pair of sandal heels that i'm not afraid to wear!

- an epic bluesfest lineup

- bikes rides, bbqs, wine&cheese hangouts with my favorite girls!

photo: jd'ang

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


skins season three featured this song by alele diane,
and her voice is so idyllic.

it's so hauntingly captivating.

(PLUS we're earring twins!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


hei hei

i was in stockholm this weekend and it was incroyable.
the architecture was so beautiful... only to be slightly surpassed by the swedish boys.
seriously though- what is in the scandinavian water?!
anyway, to reinforce my appreciation for sweden's capital, here is a band from stockholm.
and i heart them.

a la prochaine!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



i totally failed to mention that we went to the show (haha)
and they were so mesmerizing. if i was a matchmaker (and if their sexual orientation was confirmed?) i would introduce them to those canadian twinsies we love so much.

SUCH musical babies.
(you know... if that was possible...uhhhh)



when my sister and i were in copenhagen we read about this swedish sister band.
two TWIN girls in a band. with short hair. sooo obviously (being the ethnocentric being that i am) i dubbed them the swedish tegan and sara.

anyway, they're amazing. for reals.

and since i don't have the technical savvies of ye olde jd'ang (
i will simply direct you to their myspace... and provide you with a youtube clip.

(technophile 101 right here)

Monday, March 1, 2010


while i was researching applied anthropology the other day, i stumbled upon (can i still technically say that without a copyright?) this site: .

it is... "an online space for inspiring works and inspiring individuals" and is "a testament to the idea that revealing the passions of one person can result in the progress of many".

there is a short film that i particularly LOVE done by andrew zuckerman featuring (none other than!) maggie gyllenhaal, peter sarsgaard and ebon moss-bachrach. it is about the interplay between a couple and their friend during a weekend in the country.

anyway, my fascination for peter sarsgaard is no secret, and maggie gyllenhaal is basically the granny smith of my eye. ebon moss-bachrach is actually from mona lisa smile, and i fell in total lust then. anyway he looks GOOD now.

so here it is:
(Suggestion? Watch It.)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

veinte uno

just got my sister's bday present fo mee

and its amaaaze.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so i watched 'an education' last night, and i really enjoyed it!
i heart peter sarsgaard (even though, he actually kind of frightens me - i don't know what it is!)
and carey mulligan was so effortlessly captivating as jenny, the precocious 16-year old
whose oxford dreams are sidelined by a whirlwind romance with a man 20 years her senior.
anyway, the actor who really caught my attention was matthew beard. he plays graham, jenny's fellow orchestra member who has a MEGA crush on her.
anyway, he's ADORBS. look out rpattz. (hah!)

Saturday, February 20, 2010



i posted a while back on my surprising willpower concerning my non-purchase of pair of jeggings
in h&m ...


(they're so much more enticing when you buy them in europe)



i really have no excuses for being m.i.a. other than a complete lack of inspiration with this blog.
after having talking to iain ( ... i'm thinking of taking this whole project (lack of a better word?) in another direction (does anyone watch glee? haha it makes me think of the name of their group NEW DIRECTIONS... oh how i love finn!)
anyway... once i buy myself a lomo (cheaper than a holga so i'm all over that) as suggested by monsieur campbell... i'll be changing this shizz up.
meanwhile; this is my major purchase for summer. I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND THE PERFECT ONES!

also: i can't believe that i haven't written about this earlier, but over the christmas break, my family and i went to see NINE. i was a little disappointed with it overall, but not with daniel day lewis. his style in this film is beyond amazing - i need to marry an italian film director from the 1960s. i just do.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


so i've arrived in as, norway (pronounced oass) and it 's pretty good so far!

i have five roommates (two boys, three girls) and they were right when they said that
Norwegians are reserved! I'm slowly getting to know them and the Norwegian tv obsession
with Hell's Kitchen and The Biggest Loser!

Alot of people mistake me for American...which I am quick to correct them on - but they don't care. There's a pretty large hatred (maybe too strong a word?) for Americans here, so I don't want to be mistaken for one!

A few friends and I went into Oslo the other day and I really liked it! I needed to know that there was more to Norway than this little town- and there really is!

There is literally an H&M on every corner (its the Norwegian equivalent of Starbucks!)
and I obviously have ZERO problem with that.
I having bought anything yet because I'm nervous about spending too much money! I'm going to Helsinki in a couple weekends though - so I won't hold back there!

I also think that aside from the occasional duty free purchase... it's going to be a pretty dry semester. A 26 of liquor is equivalent of $40 CDN here! So I think I'll be relying on $5 tall cans
(yikes! muy caro!)

Here are some photos of the Oslo trip!

(i'm sorry this post is so sporratic...I'm supposed to be reading up on the anthropology of development!)

See you next time!

Friday, January 15, 2010

hola hola holaaa

i'm sorry i've been so mia!

update on the holidays: they were great. lots of family, friends... too much wine...
(is that possible?) YES!

(my sisters and i: gillian - left, emma -right)

some of my favorite gifts this year?
- a tight black norwegian wood skirt with a short lace overlay (VERY lisa turtle)

(photo from

- a black flutter sleeve top from club monaco with an open back
(i don't usually wear cmonaco, but my mom got it for
me and it's really lovely! much more graceful than anything i usually wear)

- miss dior cherie eau de parfum (i was debating between this and burberry
the beat - but i figure the beat will be cheaper at dutyfree!)

- FINALLY, my sister, as a joint xmas/bday present... IS TAKING ME TO COPENHAGEN, DENMARK!

i'm very excited.

as some of you may or may not know, i'm going to norway for exchange in (eep!) seven days!..
and so, at the urging of my friends alexandra and kohen (thanks guys!)
this haphazard 'blog' will be integrating some aspects of travel blogging.
i probably won't be talking to you before then, so wish me luck!