Friday, June 20, 2008

uno momento

last night my good friend laura took me to a movie screening with her parents. (i'm a lucky gal, she treated me!) a friend of their family's wrote and produced a short 8-minute film about how to cherish small moments of life.

it sounds a little clich├ęd, but it was very sweet.

the evening was a fund-raiser for their next film and we were shown nine short films in total, treated to chocolate-covered malt balls, licorice, m&ms and a silent auction (laura won the cd set of los campesinos, jason collett, broken social scene, the constantines and more).

i figured it's about time i wrote about laura. laura spent the past four months in paris as an au pair. she unfortunately had to come home after getting shingles and some neck lump (*weekend update: she's good now and we're all ecstatic that she's home).

laura has always been stylish. in high school (yes i'm reminiscing) she was always known for her style-savvy ways and effortless chic.

emma and i are lucky to have such great inspiration (now if only we were the same size...)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cyclone sienna strikes

i have never fallen victim to the cyclone that was (or is) the frenzy surrounding sienna miller. i recognized that she was a beautiful actress, with an impeccable sense of style, and my fascination ended there.
i never got caught up in the (surprise?) fact that jude law is the biggest man-whore in hollywood, and that he chose this new up and comer on which to unleash his latest unfaithful, gigolo-like run.

i kept sienna miller locked up in those super-market tabloid pages until i saw factory girl. this movie fell prey to countless criticisms and its credibility was questioned on numerous occasions (was edie sedgwick ever really with bob dylan?) despite all this, my love for 60's pop art, andy warhol, the factory and his infamous socialite muse was heightened, and my interest in sienna miller grew exponentially.

in july of 2007, sienna and her sister savannah premiered a clothing line (just like everyone and their tea-cup chihuahua) but theirs rendered me breathless. having grown up in london, these two fashionable felines combine the perfect mixture of london’s edgy cuts with california’s freer 'boho-chic' silhouettes.

the outcome is intoxicating.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

sentimental heart

we looove zooey deschanel,
and not just because she was named after J.D. Salinger's intellectual,
and may i dare say sexy? character Zooey Glass,
but because she is flawless.

her talent at turning a secondary character into the most
interesting, memorable and hip as shit person in the film
(remember the bad-ass sister from 'almost famous' with the impeccable
taste in music? or the cynical store clerk from 'the good girl'
who would insert subliminal profanities in
announcements to the comatose customers?)

all her.

she also recently released a cd under the moniker she & him and it is fantastic. her smooth, jazzy voice is a gem, causing me to reminisce of that celebrated will ferrell duet from 'elf' (the greatest movie on the planet).

she wrote all her songs on 'volume one' (the debut album) except for three.
one which was written by smokey robinson, another by john lennon and
paul mccartney and the third she co-wrote with her ex-boyfriend
jason shwatrzman, who (did we mention?) we love.

if i could be anyone else in the world, and vanessa hudgens was taken (jokes) i would be


zooey deschanel.

the love of my life.

(or maybe i'll just create her in the form of a spirit animal...)