Wednesday, March 24, 2010


skins season three featured this song by alele diane,
and her voice is so idyllic.

it's so hauntingly captivating.

(PLUS we're earring twins!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


hei hei

i was in stockholm this weekend and it was incroyable.
the architecture was so beautiful... only to be slightly surpassed by the swedish boys.
seriously though- what is in the scandinavian water?!
anyway, to reinforce my appreciation for sweden's capital, here is a band from stockholm.
and i heart them.

a la prochaine!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



i totally failed to mention that we went to the show (haha)
and they were so mesmerizing. if i was a matchmaker (and if their sexual orientation was confirmed?) i would introduce them to those canadian twinsies we love so much.

SUCH musical babies.
(you know... if that was possible...uhhhh)



when my sister and i were in copenhagen we read about this swedish sister band.
two TWIN girls in a band. with short hair. sooo obviously (being the ethnocentric being that i am) i dubbed them the swedish tegan and sara.

anyway, they're amazing. for reals.

and since i don't have the technical savvies of ye olde jd'ang (
i will simply direct you to their myspace... and provide you with a youtube clip.

(technophile 101 right here)

Monday, March 1, 2010


while i was researching applied anthropology the other day, i stumbled upon (can i still technically say that without a copyright?) this site: .

it is... "an online space for inspiring works and inspiring individuals" and is "a testament to the idea that revealing the passions of one person can result in the progress of many".

there is a short film that i particularly LOVE done by andrew zuckerman featuring (none other than!) maggie gyllenhaal, peter sarsgaard and ebon moss-bachrach. it is about the interplay between a couple and their friend during a weekend in the country.

anyway, my fascination for peter sarsgaard is no secret, and maggie gyllenhaal is basically the granny smith of my eye. ebon moss-bachrach is actually from mona lisa smile, and i fell in total lust then. anyway he looks GOOD now.

so here it is:
(Suggestion? Watch It.)