Thursday, July 31, 2008

worldly obsession

so poppy and i are done our fashion show now and i think it was quite a success!

the attendance was a little disappointing, but the fact is that we raised over $1100 for the victims of the cyclone in burma!

we hope that it'll go a long way.

here are some pictures of the hand-made designs.

(aka our friends are wizards with sewing machines.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

we're lame

so emma & i are basically the lamest people on the planet because we haven't blogged in
7683498653763 light-years. (yeah, i used space terminology).

the reason is that my friend poppy and i are organizing a benefit fashion show in a week and a half and we're crazy scrambling (therefore, blogging is supeer-glued to the back seat).

if anyone is free and wants to check it out on the 26th, it's at 7:30 at the All Saints Anglican Church Westboro on Wellington Street in Ottawa.

top of the world is lending some clothes and all the rest are student designers.

i'm madd nervous, but hopefully it will all pay off.

(and for all those that read the blog, all of our aforementioned friends will be the wonderful models!)