Sunday, December 21, 2008

dear santa

since hayley made one i thought i would add my christmas list:

live 8 dvd. i got the live aid dvd a few years ago, and this would just complete my collection. its also filled with amazing music and all proceeds go to the organization.

season four of lost anyone who claims to be my friend would know that i am OBSESSED with lost. since day one. all through high school phil and alexis and sometimes others would come to my house once a week to watch it. no talking allowed.

a pair of TOMS shoes for every pair purchased, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need in places like argentina and south africa. amazing, yes? and they're also super cute!

a pablo neruda anthology.

and my final wish is that the OC transpo bus strike will end so i can return to having a life instead of sitting around watching season one of one tree hill and making (and then eating) nanaimo bars.

p.s. h brooks (and various other friends who decided to abandon me and go to university elsewhere) is in town and it is very exciting. and also: i have a kitten, pictures will come soon. her name is gatsby and she loves me so much. almost as much as i love her.

p.p.s i was in the citizen, this is not me bragging i promise. its just hilarious because i look like a nordic ski instructor in the picture. it was in thursdays paper but thats it for hints. i dont want to make it that easy to find.

p.p.p.s i am such a ghost on this blog, that will end soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

six degrees

ottawa got a large dumping (sorry, that's such a gross word)
of snow just before i came home last week.
my dad couldn't get his car out of the driveway so he was forced to walk
... which made him quite upset.

however, he made up a game that he was dying to tell me about later that night.
he called it 'four degrees of kevin bacon'...
i tried to correct him saying there was a game called 'six degrees of separation'
but he insisted it all started with kevin bacon because, and i quote,

"even though he's been in every shitty movie ever made,
he's made them with alot of people".
(or something to that effect)

anyway, his game goes something like this:

1. put your iPod on shuffle

2. let's say Neil Young pops up with 'heart of gold'

(my dad's iPod is littered with Neil because he has the largest mancrush on him.
my sisters and i once asked him if he would go on oprah to meet
neil young. my dad said yes but then explained that
neil young is too cool to go on oprah)

3. let's say the next song is 'what its worth' by buffalo springfield,
you would have to find the connection between the two songs.
... maybe that was the easiest one on the planet
(neil young was in buffalo springfield with stephen stills), but you get his idea?

he was so proud when he told me that he could link
up every song on his 45-minute walk.

the point of the story is that whenever i have to walk
anywhere in these

effing snow (camouflaging black ice!) i play this game.

...i like to think it improves my musical knowledge.

my parents.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hope 09 is just as fine

urban outfitters just released their top ten albums of 2008...

and i'm quite impressed...

(although i would have liked to see frightened rabbit further ahead... i just can't quite decide where!)

10. FRIGHTENED RABBIT - the midnight organ fight

9. HOT CHIP - made in the dark

8. TV ON THE RADIO - dear science,

7. CUT COPY - in ghost colours

6. LYKKE LI - youth novels

5. DEERHUNTER - microcastle

4. VAMPIRE WEEKEND - vampire weekend

3. CHAIRLIFT - does you inspire you

2. FLEET FOXES - fleet foxes
(my friend jenny just recently introduced me to them, and i am in lusting after them)

1. M83 - saturdays = youth

this was a great year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

i wish i could get my phil

that is, of philip lim.

i first discovered philip lim in grade twelve when i asked
my mother to fashion me a dress based on his design
(as seen here on kate hudson):

my mother, a wizard with the sewing machine,
finished with this:
(i was quite proud).

i'm pretty surprised that i haven't blogged about him sooner.
his designs are flawless and feminine
and,though sometimes a little more conservative,
he is nonetheless one of my favorite designers.

i just found out that he recently started a kids' collection!
while this seems a little excessive,
i have to admit that if i have the funds when i'm a mother,
my children will definitely be rocking philip lim.

here are some photos of his holiday collection for women
(i am swooning):

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i couldn't resist

listen up:

long lean queen - bear hands

fleas lakes and yams

this is lexie (hi lexie):

she's my roommates' barn cat
and we just found out she has fleas.
and i am petrified.
i don't touch her anymore, and although it's dramatic,
everytime i see her bounce around our living room
i picture grenades of tiny vermin (that's what they are to me)
being catapulted from her calico coat.
and it makes me shudder.
cats are cute when they don't carry creepy creatures.
(tool of the day? apparently alliteration).

on a lighter note,
i have been listening an awful lot to these guys these days:

as i make notes for my final exam (yay!) on
political ecology (boo!)
i am lulled into a false sense of security about this exam,
by these wonderful (CANADIAN) men.
i saw them, as well as ohbijou, open for final fantasy here in
guelph last year and i fell in love.
they're coming to guelph's annual winter music festival 'hillside inside'
this year, and i am beyond ecstatic.
(check out the rest of the line-up, it's going to be religious.)

last year heather and i saw tokyo police club, the weakerthans, wintersleep,
cuff the duke, city and colour and so many more.

(this is heather, she's lovely).


to end off this incredibly sporadic post, i will conclude
with my dinner plans: SUSHI.
there's a little place downtown that has the best
vegetarian maki with yam tempura...and although
i'm pretty sure yam is a very american term
(well, it certainly isn't japanese)
sweet potato just sounds so much...sweeter.

i'll see you when i'm back in ottawa!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i don't care what anyone says

although i haven't read the books ...

i did see the film (yes, i admitted it)
and i don't care what anyone says...

be he
a) a wizard
b) a vampire
c) Salvador Dali

Robert Pattinson is spectacularly handsome.

almost a month

i'm very aware that it's been almost a month since my last post (?!)

but i finally have a substantial break in my exam period,
and i wanted to talk about a designer i stumbled across at

mary katrantzou.

her designs, while requiring some extreme
self-esteem for those of us
who don't exactly look like agyness,
are exquisite and cheeky...
(you'll see what i mean.)

(transparent? eek!)