Sunday, October 26, 2008

the ditty bops

dancing pictures are my favorite

midnight train owns my heart.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


the october NYLON has a six-page fashion spread on peaches geldof and cory kennedy.

that got me thinking about the latter.
it seems we all know about her...
mais pourquoi?

so i wikipedia-ed that shit
and found out...

...i really need to start doing something with my life...

ode to the jetset

ever have that bill murray-like feeling that you're waking
up every day to the same day?
i'm in that slump.

and i just want it to go away.

Friday, October 17, 2008

our lovable bum

meet iain macneil.

we call him bumsley, not due to his lack of
housing (don't worry...he's comfortable in an
apartment in montreal)
but because when iain dips a little too much
into his el burro...

this is the result:

hence: the start of a beautiful friendship.

iain macneil: captain of father-loving shoes,
border collie love and we saved latin's hearts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

cap ou pas cap?

i'm french. minimally french speaking, but it comes from both sides of the family so i'll claim it. i love french things like baguettes, serge gainsbourg, victor hugo, le petit prince, french wines, french boys... etc. but today i discovered a new reason to love france, and that reason is 'jeux d'enfants'.

who doesn't like french cinema? amelie, la haine, paris je t'aime, un long dimanche de fian├žailles and happenstance are some of my favourites, so when i heard about this movie i had to download it.

it's an adorable story directed by yann samuell about a boy (julien) and a girl (sophie), played by guillaume canet (add him to my ever-growing list of future husbands) and marion cotillard (the recent oscar winning actress from la mome). saying anything else is giving too much away, but basically it's one of the best movies i've seen in a very long time. like most french movies, the plot is slower moving and the movie itself takes on a sort of whimsical theme (think amelie), but the result is amazing. so really, go download it. or rent it. just find a way to see this movie.

on the subject of french things, what's with the HUGE amount of extremely attractive french actors? take guillaume canet, gaspard ulliel, frederic gorny, louis garrel, benoit magimel, olivier martinez, romain duris, i could keep going.

i think after australia my first vacation will be to france. for an extended stay.



i love ottawa in fall.

and i love this as much

Thursday, October 9, 2008

i wish i was harriet the spy.

maybe it was my obsession with harriet the spy, but for some reason i fell in LOVE with typewriters when i was younger.

the love never died and now i really really want one.

want my eternal devotion? christmas is right around the corner.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

yes we can

this is the sole reason i would ever wish that i was american:

god, i love him.

over and done with.

the kaffiyeh in garage and sirens.

who would have thought that a scarf associated with pakistani terrorists would be
so mainstream?
alert george bush.
let's patriot act that shit outta here.

postscript: definite jokes.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i blame disney

ok so i have a pretty serious confession to make.

i like the jonas brothers. i can blame it on having a 13 year old sister all i want, but i'd probably like them regardless of her obsession. i like their style, i like their faces (minus kevin, he's just not very attractive.) and... i like their music. *gasp*. there goes my street cred.

to give myself some credit, i only like their newest songs. so anything they did in the past when it was all nick jonas and christmas albums or songs called 'mandy' escapes my affection. and if we're getting really specific here its their newest song, love bug, that i have on repeat. and maybe a little burning up here or there.

so when it comes down to it, i dont want to rip off my ears when i hear them. nor do i want to cry. and yes i recorded camp rock. in fact hayley came over specifically to watch it with me so at least i'm not alone in this one.

actually the only thing i don't like about them is that they are evangelical christians. which means we wont be getting married any time soon. too bad.

h brooks this picture is for you (zac efron is the future mr. brooks).

in an effort to prove i don't have horrendous taste in music here's a sampling of other favourites that i think you should download:
we used to vacation -cold war kids
anything by deer tick
be my baby -glasvegas
medicine man -the hush sound
proof -i am kloot
things i did when i was dead -no age
better things -passion pit
and finally, anything by royal wood.

please don't hold my love for the jb against me.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

you're like the coolest person i've ever met...

h brooks is a trooper for posting somewhat regularly.
i'm the laziest person alive.
but i now have a job at a jewellery store, more to come on that.
this is a very short post to discuss the merits of michael cera. i'm getting ready to go see nick and norah's infinite playlist with my friend mitch, and i'm EXTREMELY excited.
but i'm also pretty confident that if michael cera wasn't famous, oblivious girls would miss out on his amazingness and he'd be a huge dork. i'd like to tell myself that i would totally be in love with him but i can't be sure.
this is not to say that i'm attracted to his fame, it's not that at all. he just seems like the perfect boy.
i'm not sure where i was going this and i'm sure nothing i've said has been particularly enlightening, but there you go.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

fuddle duddle muk luk

my mom really wants to get me these
muk luks.
they are currently at my
home in ottawa for me to try on.

i can't really decide how i
feel about them,
because they kind of remind
of the ones that came out in
payless three years ago.

these ditties are authentic.
but i'm still a little hesitant.


weekend update

i finally gots me a leather jacket.

yip yip yip!