Monday, May 24, 2010


i've given up on trying to get a tan.
my albinism has always remained a good friend to me -

- it has helped me score infinite shades of red in the least opportune moments, enabled the sun to scorch any place that i've neglected to put sunscreen on (fyi sunburn-staches are NOT cute) and caused a dreadful g.7 track&field 2nd degree sunburn incident ( mom still made me go to school with two huge scabs beneath my eyes).

THEREFORE: ima be responsible this summer and embrace the irish roots.


PLUS: my 35-year old self will appreciate it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ridin dutty

i can't wait to get home to ma bicycle.
(this is an example of my poor sense of responsibility...
i left him outside all winter.)

but this is my new fave biking song:

eat it up.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my last week

some travelling in norway.

... and now home to study.

Friday, May 7, 2010


i don't even remember what i typed into the search
bar on google but this completely RAD website popped up.

it talk abouts fashion, culture, beauty, 'odds and ends' (such as proper etiquette
when receiving a blowjob), etc.

articles that are just amazing:

- how to get a pouf without looking like snooki (theres a video!)
- you'd be prettier if you had fake nipples (samantha jones anyone?)
- the best american apparel spoof ever (extra amazing)

also, hilarity:

10 reasons why lindsay lohan could never play kate moss in a movie -

•Kate Moss dated Johnny Depp. Lindsay Lohan dated Wilmer Valderrama.
•Kate Moss did blow and kept getting steady modeling work. Lindsay Lohan did blow, and … well, not so much.
•Kate Moss can wear anything. Lindsay Lohan seems to think that leggings are appropriate attire for any situation.
•Kate Moss has been on the cover of pretty much every fashion magazine ever. Lindsay Lohan is more likely to be spotted on the cover of In Touch after getting drunk and throwing things at a photographer.
•Kate Moss sometimes poses nude for photoshoots. Lindsay Lohan shows people her crotch for free without trying to pass it off as high art.
•Kate Moss has designed successful collections for Topshop and Longchamp. Lindsay Lohan got fired from her “job” at Ungaro.
•Kate Moss’ parents are two normal-seeming people named Peter and Linda. Lindsay Lohan’s parents are the worst people on earth. [Editor's note: this one is not really Lindsay's fault.]
•Kate Moss is friends with Sadie Frost. Lindsay Lohan is friends with her sister Ali.
•Kate Moss reportedly earns as much as $9 million a year. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in a fuckton of credit card debt.
•Kate Moss throws her assistants lavish baby showers. Lindsay Lohan chases her assistants down in her car.

... there are so many more!
check it out:


this season's first episode of the city
showed whitney's debut fashion show of her line, whitney eve.

although old news... i really liked the collection.
i would love to have almost every single piece in my closet-
but what struck me the most about the show was the makeup.

i ADORE the nymph-like softness and can't get enough of the lip colour!

(yes, i am aware that she is Black and i'm not...
but i still think it will look okay?)

i'm aware that pink lips has been in for a while, but
i prefer this colour to the icy pink one that we've been seeing
(especially considering my albinism).

it looks like she kissed a cherry blossom!