Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sometimes when i feel as though i need some inspiration
(you know when you feel like your entire wardrobe is on mute or repeat or something?)
i go to lookbook to try to get some ideas.
anyway, i stumbled upon this girl,
rockie nolan, who is unreal.
her photos are ethereal and her style makes me green!
(with envy... not illness)
check her out!
these are some of my favorites:

Monday, September 28, 2009

i've pretty much let this blog go by the wayside, so: a new post!

this weekend i was talking to my friend kohen about our shared love
for the smiths (his love is next level),

and i told him to see (500) days of summer.

mado and i watched it last week and it was great.

(obviously though. zooey deschanel + joseph gordon-levitt + the smiths = my life).

here's a trailer for all ya'll.
my sister's friend said that in the opening scene of the trailer, zooey reminds her of me.
i'm not sure if it's accurate...
but i'm flattered nonetheless!

also she & him does an amazing cover of
please, please, please let me get what i want (by the smiths obvs).
check it out if you can!

Friday, September 11, 2009

relocation svp

i wish i was in montreal

with these two.

you've heard of scarjo?
meet SCARMO.
tellement jalouse!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

despite the fact that i'm really excited to get back to all my friends
in guelph... i'm sad to be leaving ottawa!

i always start off my summers with grandiose ideas as to how
i'm going to spend my free time, and at the end of every summer,
hardly any of these ideas are realized!

however, i find that i don't really mind.

on thursday mado, erica, jacob, rowan and i went
to rowan's cottage near blue sea lake and it was one of the best
weekends (pseudo-weekend?) of the summer!

we hiked half an hour to the camping spot and set up camp by the water,
went swimming, played cards, jammed by the fire (despite the fact that
i had no musical talents to offer up!) and definitely did a little
damage to our livers.

it was such a great way to end off the summer, and i'm going
to miss my friends so much!!

[jacob's headed to australia in a month and i won't see him for almost a year!]