Thursday, May 29, 2008

saturday the sun day

mother nature decided to make this past weekend the official start to summer...
and we couldn’t have been happier!

emma and i started off the day (7:30am!) with our neighbourhood
garage sale and found some fantastic wares.

emma stocked up on her personal library (reading and viewing)
and this super cute pair of red jazz shoes.

i, on the other hand, stocked up on some necessities for my house in guelph next year (plates, bowls, and a super soft couch throw...all for $10!) i also purchased an embroidered boat-necked shirt and a high-waisted blue polka-dotted skirt for $2 each! (photos to come.)

we then lounged in the backyard listening to some simon&garfunkel...
we had heard an in-house band play ‘cecilia’ the night before and couldn’t get enough of it.

some friends came for a visit..

and we had a barbeque - the perfect activity for a summer weekend.

complete with dance party!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

q is for qute

so despite the fact that i really don’t need any more clothes....and currently have no means
to purchase any (slight set-back).

i just stumbled across this designer in my new nylon magazine and i have fallen
straight up shakespeare’s- romeo- and- juliet in love.

which we’re taught to assume falls slightly above the line of superficial.

it is called quail. it’s a 60's inspired line created by self-taught designer michelle nguyen, who chose to name the line ‘quail’ because of the hipster slang it stood for in the 60's (it meant woman or girl).

it started last spring and according to nylon, "juxtaposes structured chic with a post-modern edge". the magazine quotes ms. nguyen in describing her line as ""a balance of feminine silhouettes with loosely constructed ones, like a high-waisted, hourglass skirt with an oversize tank."

love it.

these are my favorite pieces from the website ( but her pieces are stunning and genius and i believe a slight girl crush is forming.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

schwartzman ftw

Okay so this is only my second post, which is sad when I compare myself to the ever industrious h brooks. But I've been babysitting my bosses kids everyday and working on top of that so there wasn't much time for blogging. But alright I've decided to set some time aside to inform the world that I am hopelessly in love with Jason Schwartzman.

I know there are some people out there who dont think he is rediculously attractive and I find this hard to accept. I mean look at him!! Whats not to love?? Not only was he one of the founding members of Phantom Planet (one of my all time favourite bands) but he's also a phenomenal actor (and the lead role in Rushmore, which you may have already guessed is my favourite movie).

Francis Ford Coppola is his uncle. Sofia Coppola is his cousin. Unfortunately Nicolas Cage is his cousin too, but I'll ignore that for now. His brother, Robert Schwartzman is also the lead singer of another one of my favourite bands, Rooney. His family is bursting at the seams with talent.

But back to the reason for this post: Jason Schwartzman isn't just that creepy guy from slackers. He is Max Fischer, Albert Markovski, Louis XVI, and many more.

Plus, as I've already mentioned, he is my future husband, regardless of the fact that he's dating designer Brady Cunningham.

ps: check out his solo project 'coconut records'.


promenade prepped

alright all you high school kiddies (mainly grade twelve kiddies)
once you’ve figured out your life for the next four years...
it’s time to get a beautiful dress (for the ladies) ...
and have it be ruined by the end of the night.
(so, maybe I’m a downer, but I’m realistic.)

anyway this entry is going to be about prom dresses.
i’m fortunate to have some very stylish friends...
and we completely avoided the

(not for me.)

so our best friend alexis (see quelle belle) is going to prom this year
(she’s a zygote) ...
and i know that she’ll choose an amazing dress
because she’s already stylish to start.
i’m going to photographically relive the fashionable fiesta
that was canterbury’s prom ‘07.

(that's me. my mom made the dress based on another by philip lim.
i was late because i had to work, and therefore couldn't
go to any pre-grad parties. please don't judge.)

(that's emma with her dad. she looked super cute.)

(this is my best friend mado. she looked like a beautiful mermaid.
don't worry. none of this disney princess shit.)

(these are our friends laura and phil. she and her mom made the dress.
yay innovation!)

(our friend britney. stunning.)

(our sexy Colombian amiga, Steffie)

(our friend jes, on the left. fashionista extraordinaire)

see her blog:

(our friend zoe and i. she made her dress and finished it just hours before prom.
innovative and cool-headed!)

a fantastic day full of fabulous frocks!

- hayley

Friday, May 23, 2008

fighting the right to food?

so i know that this is not a political blog....but i was reading the ottawa citizen at work today, and a headline announced:

"reluctant canada agrees to ‘right to food’ resolution".

reluctant? for a country that prides itself on its peace-keeping missions and as being a general philanthropic country among many unstable nations in our world today - this is appalling.

according to the article, canada believes that the united nations’ council’s ideas for ensuring everyone gets food (as set out in the resolution) should be more focused on telling individual governments that it’s mainly their job. how’s that for a compassionate leader on the world stage?
they do, however, go on to say that they (canada) dislike the resolution’s failure to call upon countries to "ensure safe and unhindered humanitarian access" during times of crisis *cough, burma, cough*.

so if i understand this correctly, our leaders believe that each singular country should be responsible for the appropriate nutrition for their people...but if they cannot (or choose not) to adequately feed their population, then humanitarian aid should swoop in?

contradiction in terms? i think so.

if countries can’t feed their nations, ‘the right to food’ should not be exercised, but it is the responsibility of their leaders to ensure a way that they can? until....they can’t again?

unacceptable mr. harper... and confusing.

- hayley

Thursday, May 22, 2008

quelle belle!

we love camilla belle. hands down. she has a stunning beauty about her - and an exquisite sense of style. and the fact that she seems to be totally grounded in the city of angels where PSAs for brazillian waxes are about as common as the screwed-up celebs that reveal them.

(and our love MAY be intensified slightly due to her resemblance to one of our best friends...)

yip yip yip!


badass boho chic: the weary wearer

so i am vegetarian. so what i say next may come as a shock to you:

i want a leather bomber jacket.

i know, i know. hypocrisy is my middle name. i just think that it perfectly embodies
this up and coming ‘future hippie’ look that’s been gracing the streets of ottawa.
i was thinking something along the lines of this...

(but maybe something 99/100s of the price?)

i’m going to go look around some old thrift shops to see if they have any that suit my vegetable-based protein tendencies (for some reason i think that buying one second hand will relieve a bit of my guilt) and one that suits the black hole that is my wallet.

oh the perils of being a vegetite and a wannabe budding fashionista...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wes Anderson & Friends

Wes Anderson (nerd, genius, my future husband, etc.) is phenomenal. We love him more than what could be considered healthy and normal. He is a nerd in every sense of the word (rhyming unintentional), and that is sexy (we really love nerds here). His personal style is completely his own, he is lanky and wears suits tailored to be half a size too small. Who else could pull that off?? Not to mention he is an incredibly talented director.

He is Owen Wilson’s best friend. Owen Wilson co-wrote Rushmore, Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums, arguably the best Anderson films. He has a core group of actors (fondly referred to as ‘The Anderson Fam’ by us, sad, we know) that he frequently casts in his movies. These ‘family’ members include all three of the Wilson brothers (Owen, Luke, and the lesser know Andrew), Bill Murray, Anjelica Huston, Jason Schwartzman (another one of my future husbands), etc.

Next time you watch a Wes Anderson film, pay attention to his trademarks; wide angle shots, underwater shots, quick panning from character to character, characters smoking/drinking profusely, a middle aged male character who is essentially a fraud, and a slow motion ending. His movies have given us lines that have permeated into pop culture history. Including the line that is the reason for our blog name. As hard and painful as it is to compile a top 6 list of the best quotes, I will try to do so:

1) From Rushmore:
Max Fischer: I like your nurses uniform, guy.
Dr. Peter Flynn: These are O.R. scrubs
Max Fischer: O, R they?
2) Again from Rushmore:
Max Fischer: I saved Latin. What did you ever do?
(Note the connection to our blog name)
3) ......Rushmore
Max Fischer: What was your major?
Rosemary Cross: I didn’t have a major, but my thesis was on Latin American economic policy.
Max Fischer: Oh, that’s interesting. Did you hear they’re not going to teach Latin anymore?
Rosemary Cross: This was more like Central America.
4) Last one from Rushmore
Max Fischer: So tell me Curly, how do you know Miss Cross?
Dr. Peter Flynn: We went to Harvard together.
Max Fischer: Oh that’s great. I wrote a hit play and directed it, so I’m not sweating it either.
5) The Darjeeling Limited
Jack: What did he say?
Peter: He said the train is lost.
Jack: How can a train be lost? It’s on rails.
6) The Royal Tenenbaums
Uzi: Who’s your father?
Chas: His name is Royal Tenenbaum.
Ari: You told us he was already dead.
Chas: Yeah well now he’s really dying.

All this, along with his frequent allusions and references to Charlie Brown, J.D. Salinger, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Francois Truffaut, Louis Malle, The Graduate, etc., his love of the tragicomedy genre and his obsessive attention to the mise-en-scene in each of his movies makes him my favourite director. Wes Anderson is an auteur, and the world would be hard pressed to find another director so dedicated to his craft. Next he is working on The Fantastic Mr. Fox, a movie adaptation of a Roald Dahl novel. Lending their voices to this animated film are several members of the Anderson Fam, Bill Murray, Anjelica Huston, Jason Schwartzman, and newcomers to the fam George Clooney and Cate Blanchett. Coming out in 2009!

i don’t know about american....but it is a dream.

every sunday night at 8pm, my family and i used to sit down and watch american dreams together. for those of you that have seen it - you know that it is literally the best show on the planet. and then it got cancelled. my sister (who now lives in d.c.) recently purchased the first season at target for $20! what a steal!

brittany snow plays meg, a teenager who dances on american bandstand and while the premise seems pretty’s fantastic (and vanessa lengies from pmk is meg's best friend roxanne!)

the music is awesome (for all those who love music from the early 60s and motown) and i’m just at the episodes where luke (the cute record store employee...who doesn’t love one of those?!) introduces meg to bob dylan [who, as everyone knows, is the shit].

the girls all wear cute plaid high-waisted skirts and cardigans. it’s all so preppy but i can’t get enough of it!

i honestly can’t get over the incredible attraction i have to this show (or to luke...or meg’s hot brother jj).

jj is played by will estes

luke foley is played by jamie elman

(yeah, that's the guy from student bodies!)

it consumes my thoughts all day at work and i’ve never had so many upbeat british invasion songs stuck in my head (the kinks, anyone?)

to summarize: fantastic = all things american dreams.

- hayley

i want the strap

my mother used to go to notre dame catholic high school here in ottawa. it was a while ago (but I’m sure she wouldn’t want me telling how long ago it really was)...and she told me about that infamous strap. the kind in the megan follows’ anne of green gables movie (i think part II) where she has to give the pringle girl the strap and it eats her all up inside.

[i never tire of those movies...gilbert is such a dreamboat].

but i’m not talking about that strap (this is after all the year 2008...and i thank god everyday for alternative schools)... and that strapping young man, for that matter...

but i’m talking about the t-strap. the lovely vintage-esque heel that i know i would brave everyday if it meant i could have them in my grasp. these frye ones are beautiful:

...or these beauties that look to be a little more within my price range:

oh baby. what i would give for a pair. maybe a chance to meet the luscious gilbert blythe?

it’s a pretty hard toss-up...but i’ll take the shoes. there’s a lower chance i’ll lose them to anne shirley.

- hayley

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

un vraiment bon iver

the quirkiness of writing hiver ‘sans-h’... and having it work for you? well, that’s the lovely quirkiness of justin vernon (aka bon iver). my dad recently brought home his debut album ‘for emma, forever ago’.
and i fell in love.

his tranquil melodies and perfectly poetic lyrics make me wonder why this woman (his ex-girlfriend emma, hence the title of the album) would ever leave such an idyllic specimen?

... well, we certainly know that we saved latin’s emma would be willing to battle for the prize.

and she’s not the only one. - hayley

a mint junior

saying robert downey jr. is hot is like saying that freud isn’t a sex-driven chauvinist - men disagree and would really rather not talk about it, and women are screaming yes, yes, yes!

let’s face it, that scruffy ‘i just got out of rehab’ look, which he seems to perma-sport since he really is the male equivalent of amy winehouse is so dangerous and oh so sexy.

and alas! is this a robert downer jr junior? indio falconer downey is our new secret schoolgirl crush. his julian casablancas hair-cut and pre-pubescent radiance (easy r. kelly) exude new ‘it’ boy. overlooking the fact that he’s only fifteen, don’t you just want to eat him up? - hayley