Monday, September 15, 2008

mine didn't go home for lunch

this is the new addition to my family.

his name is kohl (we didn't name him this because of eyeliner, it just sort of came about.)
my dad immediately (and inappropriately) thought of this joke about a welsh coal miner:

there is a man in an art gallery and he is staring at a large portrait of a black man with a white penis.
the curator of the gallery comes up to the man and begins to explain the social significance of the painting - that it is showing the constant dominance of the 'white man' over african americans.
the curator walks away to speak to another on-looker and a different man comes up to the man pondering the painting.
he says "that's not what this painting means."
"well, what do you mean?"
"i know, what this painting means, i'm the painter!"
"Well, why did you paint this black man with a white penis?"
"it isn't a black man! it's a welsh coal miner who went home for lunch!"

anywayyy... that's the inappropriate (but funny?) joke i now think of when i see my dog.
which is creeepy as shit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the hills are alive

so. as ridiculous as this is...

when i was younger and i would be casually surfing the internet
and i was required to enter my ZIP code (not postal code. obviously superlame.)

anyway. i would always enter 90210.
not because i wish i lived there.
but because it was the only one i knew à la beverly hills 90210
the best 90s show on the planet....(besides maybe full house & saved by the bell)

anyway....IT'S BACK
and i don't care how unimpressed most of you probably are that i love it.
it's fantastic. up there with gossip girl. and america's next top model.
and any other show that i would ordinarily not really admit to loving.
so there you go.
if anyone ever asks you what your zip code's 90210.
and if you're evey wondering what i'm doing with my spare time?

i'm watching trashy shows.
be jealous.