Thursday, February 26, 2009

g is for getoverit

i spoke to my friend jenny awhile ago
about posting outfit pictures.

she did it with her blog and i love seeing what others create
out of their wardrobe.

i always thought it would be narcissistic if i did it.

jenny, however, convinced me otherwise.

so, i'm taking a chance and starting to post some of my own.

my face is omitted because i still haven't mastered the art of
camera seduction (barf!).

it's all about the clothes, though, isn't it?

today's outfit:

(i also, evidently, have not figured out self-timer camera angles.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


you guys may have noticed that we took down our music bar a while ago...
but it's back!

i've been listening to an awful lot of coconut records recently
(hence the obvious choice of the present song at left).

since the titular existence of this blog
is a grand homage to sir jason schwartzman,

his band is a fitting choice for your current listening enjoyment.

as you may already know, to say that i have a girl-crush
on zooey deschanel is a gross understatement.

i'm upset these two broke up...
but i guess that leaves him free for me?

oh. except for this small problem: brady cunningham.

damn you max fischer, and your wily ways.

Monday, February 23, 2009

procrastination station

i am back in guelph
(photos from my break in ottawa to come)
and i am in full-blown midterm mode
and i feel


(but this was so touching and wonderful.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

and on the subject...

of woody allen,
i've been watching his films
since i was too young to understand
his wit and genius.
adoration is a gross understatement.
i would dream of being his muse,
however scarlett johansson clearly has that
spot on lock-down.

match point.


vicky cristina barcelona.

yo quiero ir al barcelona

i had a spanish test today
and if anyone out there knows how to speak this language,
they'll be able to tell how i did
based on the title.
(i'm not sure if it makes ANY sense)

anyway, when spoken properly,
spanish is such a beautiful language.
this got me thinking of woody allen's
most recent film
vicky cristina barcelona
(which is absolutely mesmerizing).

penelope cruz is the definition of stunning,
i am quite convinced i have never anything
as captivating as when she is on-screen.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

so proper

prim is a bimonthly publication
that brings the latest and greatest
in fashion, art and music
to its fanbase,

of which, i am now apart of.

so deliciously addictive!
(and started by a fourteen-year old new yorker!)

spring staple

i've been a bit of a lookbook junkie lately.
as much as i love to hate it, (you have to sign up?! how pretentious!)
i secretly wish that i was apart of it.

(enough with the lamenting)
this is what i'm looking forward to most this spring:
gentleman's trousers.
i can't wait to wear them with flats (my absolute spring staple)
and some cute heels for formal wear.

these girls do it the best!

does anyone know if the groundhog saw his shadow?
i want winter gone!